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SONICTENS is developed combining two therapies namely; Ultrasound (US) and Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS). The ultrasound therapy uses therapeutic ultrasonic waves that penetrate your skin and stimulate tissues to give you relief from the pain. The TENS uses electronic current to stimulate the nerves. When the two are combined, the result is impeccable as the benefit of two major proven modalities come together here to treat the trigger points and give relief from chronic and acute muscular pain.

Relieve while relaxing

SONICTENS is a portable, user-friendly device that can be operated easily. Its dimensions are 20.9 * 5.3 * 8.9 cm (LxWxH) that makes its usability highly comfortable. Its functioning is comfortable and convenient and is developed considering the interaction needed between the device and the user. It would massage the affected area evenly and all you have to do is spare some time, relax and feel relieved.

Tried. Tested. Verified.

The idea of being in pain itself is scary and suffering from muscular pain is one of the scariest nightmares to have. We understand how difficult life gets with such pains so we developed a device that cures muscular & nerve pain easily. Pain might be common but each body is different, hence we conducted a clinical trial to test the efficiency of SONICTENS and it proved itself with 91% effectiveness ratio. Needless to say, it is a tool to bank upon.

A sleek device with heavy benefit

235 g is the weight of Sonictens.The light weight of Sonictens makes it altogether more ideal for everyday use. Its interior circuit is placed in an interesting way that makes execution of both technologies possible in a small device that can be carried anywhere you like. The device is light in weight, due to which no weight is experienced on the skin or the muscles as well due to which post-therapy sensation or pain is eliminated.


US 111 is a portable compact device consisting of one of the age-old therapeutic solutions- Ultrasound that produces deep heat. Ultrasound possesses a long history of pain management whereby, it has proven its efficiency in versatile manners. It is a drug-free pain relief modality with zero side effects. Ultrasound was not household name in the past as, it was available in heavy and complex devices but; due to technological advancements, today it is available in portable devices. US 111- the portable ultrasound device emits ultrasound waves at a 1 million vibrations per second (1 MHz) that penetrate up to 1.6 inches into muscles, body tissues. Hence, it is the best suitable for acute or chronic injuries & pain, bone injuries as well as other old age pain.

No side effect

US 111 incorporates ultrasound therapy. In this therapy, gel is used to avoid friction and ease up transmission of ultrasonic waves, and sound waves generate heat within a body part to slay the pain. In both the said steps, your skin and body doesn’t get harmed at all. US 111 is developed under the constant guidance of experts belonging to different fields. So your skin and internal anatomy stay safe all the time.

Natural healing

Pain has indeed become a part and parcel of our life. Considering the sedentary lifestyle we live today, tissue and muscle pain are common in different age-groups. Each one has individual remedy for the pain but most of them are not natural. They may or may not cure the problem but they definitely augment other troubles. In this scenario, US 111 is brought to life to address pain in a natural way. It cures your pain and soothes your soul.


Feathery weight and slim appearance of this device has core strength and durability being ingrained till the crux. Once purchased, this device would stay with you for long years despite continuous usage as it is designed using best in class resources. The exterior body, as well as the internal circuit, possesses potency.



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