At Svana, we craft and curate products for health, beauty and overall well-being, using the recipes, ways and methods, which were used by our ancestors around the globe. A healthy outside starts from the inside and for us the true definition of wellness is the complete integration of Body, Mind and Spirit. Through our products we offer a holistic experience by focusing on all three.





More often than not, all you need to unwind yourself is a relaxing foot spa. The De-stress Foot Soaks by Svana pack an exotic punch of various essential oils, Shea butter, Epsom salt and other natural ingredients, leaving your feet smooth and shiny and your mind refreshed!.

  • Jasmine & Vanilla: Draws toxins out, Increases Vigor and alertness, promotes mental well-being, fights depression and uplifts mood.
  • Rose & Sandalwood: Enable calm mood, fights harmful organisms and makes the skin more permeable.
  • Lavender: Slows the activity of the central nervous system, improves sleep quality, promotes better concentration & helps fight anxiety.
  • Tea-Tree & Neroli: Soothes inflammation, Fights fungal infections, softens hard skin and corns.
  • Orange & Lemongrass: Reduces pain, fights depression, inhibits microbial growth, protects wounds from being septic, strengthens gums and hair and reduces haemorrhaging.


Periods are, for many women, the most painful ordeal that they go through. Not to mention being edgy and needy all the time before it even comes knocking. Periods and PMS are a natural body phenomena. The uterus needs to do its job. And we stop it from doing so, by using medicines, which are not only harsh but have adverse effects on the body.
All that will be a story of the past, with our incredible and natural Crimson Week pack, designed especially to deal with period cramps and PMS. The natural ingredients of this pack reduces excruciating period pain, anxiety, nausea and extreme mood swings related to PMS.
Let’s stop abusing our body chemically and take a more natural and foolproof way used for thousands years, towards healing.



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