Control home appliances from Your Smartphone!

Get more out of your day by scheduling your appliances to run automatically.

Make your air-conditioners and thermal comfort devices intelligent, learn your habits and provide you optimal comfort.

Turn your appliances on or off from your couch, or anywhere, with your smartphone or a wireless switchboard.

Conserve energy, water and time by optimally operating your electrical appliances.


Oakter Comes With!

Gives you the power to control your oakter home from anywhere.

Provides Internet Connectivty to your Oakter leaves and takes instructions from the mobile app.

Controls Your Devices Wirelessly And Can Be Configured Using The Oakter Mobile App.

Use oakter app to unlock doors and avoid the hassle of sharing spare keys.



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Oakter Product Demo

Wondering how?

Connect Oakter HUB to WiFi or 3G

and get set to control upto 50 appliances!

Plug your devices into the Oakter smart plugs

Download the Oakter app from Google Play store or App store

Control your devices from your smartphone



Turn ON/OFF devices from anywhere... literally anywhere

Set daily schedules to turn devices ON/OFF automatically