About Mansaa

Mansaa is derived from root "Manh" (मनः) which originates from Sanskrit. In English the closest word is "The Mind". We are a startup based in Gurgaon working towards building great IOT products.

IOT stands for Internet of Things, it is also referred as Internet of Everything (IOE). In simple terms it means that any device that basically has a on/off switch will be connected to internet in one way or the other. We are heading to a world where all humans will have a smartphone and will be connected. These will be exciting times.

Vision behind Mansaa

With the advent of Solid State Lighting (LED Lighting) and IOT, we believe this is the right time for their integration and create lights that are smart and connected.
And as our tagline says

Smart: Do things with our lights that were never done before. Like our DualShine LED bulb, you can get Two Colors in 1 LED bulb.

Wireless: Control lights wirelessly with your smartphone and eventually over the internet. Like our SmartShine LED bulb, you can can get Millions of Colors in 1 LED bulb and control with your smartphone.

Things: Light bulbs is just a start, we believe that to make our lives better in a fundamental way we need to create products that bring happiness and increase efficiency at the same time.

Recently Added Products