Why Kaadoo Board Games?

If you are a wildlife safari buff, this board game is for you; if you have never been to a forest, then this game will intrigue you enough to take that first jungle safari.

This board game requires an element of skill & strategy, a bit of luck, but is a whole lot of fun when you play with friends and family.

Anybody aged 6 or above, from a grandparent to grand-child can play the game – it’s clean, pure, and a joy to be exploring the wonderful animals that are part of this planet.

So go ahead, bring them around the table, lay out Kaadoo – The Big Board Game and have pure fun! You can play it within the confines of your home or take it on your vacation or better still, play after you return from a ‘safari drive’. Anytime, anywhere, Kaadoo – The Big Board Game is “Your Jungle Safari on the Go”.

Unique Design.

Every aspect of Kaadoo – The Big Game has been designed, crafted and produced with utmost care, with indigenously sourced items. The layout of the playing board has been tried and tested over many months. Various elements of a jungle safari are incorporated giving the feel of “a jungle in your hands”.

The animal sighting card is hand-painted by wildlife artists of repute. Every card is a masterpiece. The pawns or safari vehicles are sourced from Channapatna – the wooden toy capital of the world, and the outer packaging resembles a “pizza box” that easily opens and shuts multiple times. So, go ahead, “Open with a Smile”.

Solid Construction.

The best of eco-friendly material has been used in every aspect of construction, from the playing dice and pawns (safari vehicles) – made from solid wood, painted using lead-free paints to the playing cards which have been printed using solvent free ink.

Although small parts make up the product, it is extremely child safe. The outer box has been crafted to ensure durability – your investment should go a long way – that’s what we wish and have taken all efforts to provide you with one.

Multi- Lingual 'How to Play'

Not everyone is fully conversant in English. Our designers thought of removing all ambiguity to better understand “How to Play” guidelines; and decided to offer the booklet in 17 different languages – viz., English, Bengali, Chinese, German, French, Gujarati, Hindi, Japanese, Kannada, Malayalam, Marati, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Tamil, Telugu & Arabic.

However, the rules are so simple, anyone will understand. For your benefit, there is also a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section on the website.

Child Safe, Adult Friendly

The pawns, playing dice, playing cards and the board are made using child-friendly material – wood, paper and lead-free paint & printing ink.

The game is just not for children, it is wholesome entertainment for the entire family. Kaadoo has the ability to bring out the child in every adult – or the other way round.


Kaadoo - Smart Board Game !


Know our Mascot: Kaadoo Paapa.

Kaadoo Paapa originated from the Kannada word for “Slender Loris – a small, secretive primate”

Different species of Loris’ are found around the world. Kaadoo Paapa lives amongst us in the regions of the Nilgiri Biosphere, hence the first edtion originated from here.

The Loris’ unique big eyes are sensitive to even small amounts of light and acts as its night vision goggles.

Over the generations, Lorises have evolved to becoming slow-moving but effective hunters.