About Grana

Grana, an Indian start-up that deals in kitchen appliances, is set out with a vision to give people the opportunity to opt for healthier lifestyle.
Grains and pulses are consumed in every household on a day-to-day basis, and now we bring to you a grain mill that ensures a fresh, unadulterated and a healthier lifestyle for each and every family.


Why should you opt for Grana Mill?

Grain foods make up for a heavy chunk of our daily diet. And, we end up consuming it in the processed form. This results in a decrease of natural nutrients and fibre levels in our body, and increases consumption of preservatives, additives and bleaches. In the long run, it may also give rise to diet related ailments such as cancer, diabetes and heart problems. They say prevention is better than cure. So, the best bet by far would be to switch to a healthier lifestyle. “But how?” You may ask. Only by not consuming food that is made from processed grains.
Meet Grana Mill -Your trusted source for milling fresh, nutritious grains at the comfort of your kitchen.


Grana Mill can grind all sorts of dry grains (wheat, rice, barley, oats etc.), pulses, millets and most of the spices, in the desired granular size. Grana Mill also gives you complete control over the thickness of ground grains, ranging from fine to coarse. The paraphernalia used in its manufacturing is approved by the FDA. The outer structure is made from German Beech Wood which is robust and stylish at the same time. With Grana Mill, you can be sure that your family is consuming food which is nutritious, fresh, and free from any kind of additives.


  • Grana offers high nutrient, fiber and protein content than commercial substitutes.
  • The whole grain that is churned out is in its purest form.
  • Power efficiency is high which ends up in and saves up money.
  • Its compact design makes it portable and handy.



  • The thickness of ground grain can be controlled from fine to coarse.
  • Grana has a self cleaning mechanism and it’s very easy to operate.
  • Grana uses a maintenance free and traditional granite stone for the grinder.
  • Hopper capacity: 1 Kg.
  • Outer Material made of premium quality imported German Beechwood.
  • Grana has a self-cleaning mechanism.
  • Food Grade approved materials used in manufacturing.
  • Each machine is hand-crafted.