Product Launch Partners India

Axe Ticket – pocket-sized perfume pack launched

The World’s #1 Male Deodorant* Axe has always pushed boundaries of innovation to meet consumer aspirations. Axe now brings to you a new revolutionary pocket-sized perfume pack called ‘Axe Ticket’. This new launch is part of the Axe Signature range of body perfumes. The compact, no-gas body perfume in an attractive, sleek and portable pack […]

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NextBrandz - New Product Launch - Cornetto

Cornetto and Oreo – two delicious brands come together

Cornetto and Oreo – Hindustan Unilever Limited combines Two of it’s Delicious brands Kwality Walls launches a new irresistible flavor ‘Cornetto Oreo.’ This new flavour is a combination of creamy and crunchy textures, alleviated with the presence of Oreo and a chocolate disc. The richness of Oreo biscuit pieces combined with swirls of vanilla and […]

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Charge Your Smartphone While You Ride Your Bike

Bicycle dynamos are nothing new, but charge-while-you-ride technology has improved by leaps and bounds in the last few years. Affordable motorbike chargers in the form of portable devices make it possible to  charge devices while you ride using your bike. A on the go bike charger pack is one of the best ways to charge your phone […]

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Have you been naughty or nice this year?

By- Rithika Kumar (Owner Pyjama Party) There’s a delightful nip in the air, as the days get shorter and nights get longer. Winter is one of my most favourite seasons, not that we have much of a winter in Mumbai , I guess it also has a lot to do with Christmas and the warm […]

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Finally, a SOLUTION to your FRESH FOOD needs!

Have you ever walked past a bakery baking fresh bread? Do you still remember the aroma of freshly ground grains and spices? Do you find a significant difference in taste between fresh and processed grains? With an epidemic of degenerative diseases, 6 out of 10 leading causes of death are related to diet: heart disease, […]

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Infant Toys

Toys that are good enough to bite by Infants

Kids grow up by throwing or even biting toys. they like to experiment all through their kids journey. After having experienced all kinds of toys for infants, the only thing comes in mind is that either they were potentially harmful (with others containing lead) or had very little educational value Rubbabu toys are made to […]

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Zene Smart Device – Enabling Your Car To Talk To You !

In the information age of today, success is coming to those who are giving power back to the people. Take any successful B2C internet company today, each and every company has empowered people is some or the other way. Dheeraj Batra was always an automobile enthusiast. Coming from a family that has business in automobile […]

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This Is First ‘Made In India’ Solar Chargeable Power Bank

With UIMI U3 power bank, users can travel around without any worries of their smartphones draining out their batteries. UIMI Technologies has recently announced the launch of first solar chargeable power bank under the Make in India programme – the UIMI U3. The newly power bank is claimed to offer the convenience of solar charging, […]

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