NextBrandz – India’s 1st Pre-Commerce platform

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  • Pre-Commerce is a phase in brand development where consumers can socially interact with product innovation during early product development
  • Pre-Commerce model of product innovation can be the key to future brand developments., India’s first pre-commerce marketplace has developed an online Pre-Commerce platform which is exclusively available for any products/ brands that would require early social Interaction with new product innovations/ trends.

NextBrandz will act as a bridge between Innovation and online selling (E-Commerce) and customers will always get latest product launches helping shape up brands for tomorrow.

“Indian retail and e-commerce has been focusing purely around online transactions and delivery of products, discount offerings, cash backs, deals, and services at consumer’s door-steps. There is minimal focus on innovation aspect of product development and harnessing the potential of online social interactions with product innovation. In order to fill this gap, we have launched which facilitates product innovations launches under Pre-Launch, New Product Launch, Limited Edition Launch, Booster Launch and Virtual-launch.”

Typically actual e-commerce transactions are hardly 1% of time customer spends on internet (Bob Pearson, “Pre-Commerce – How Big Companies and Customer are transforming together”). The rest 99% time is spent online in researching and making decision on which brands to buy or support both before and after purchase. That’s because companies launch new products via retail or e-commerce skipping Pre-Commerce phase or platform. Hence customer engagement and trust building with brands gets neglected during early launch phase.

The retail sector has transformed dramatically over the last two decades. Digital technology paved way for ecommerce platforms thereby providing opportunities to entrepreneurs to develop and supply a diverse range of products. Today, popular ecommerce and e-retail platforms are flooded with an extensive assortment of products belonging to big and small brands. The vast labyrinth of products can get overwhelming especially where product innovations are concerned. Amid thousands of products, a new product launch is overshadowed, as consumers reach out towards big brands, familiar products or affordable product range.

Established brands and Entrepreneurs launching a new product needs an exclusive environment catering to their specific needs and this is where pre-commerce or pre-retail plays a pivotal role.  Pre-commerce can be defined as a branding strategy that enables consumers to interact with product innovation during early stages of brand development to help build brands for tomorrow. Pre-commerce provides an exclusive platform focusing only on the product launch stage of brand lifecycle.


NextBrandz is a Pre-Commerce exclusive product launch & buy platform in India. It’s India’s 1st Pre-Commerce platform. This platform is exclusively focused on product launches and making them brands of tomorrow. Here manufacturers/ entrepreneurs can launch their new products and get high market visibility. Buyers can buy product innovations exclusively on NextBrandz. Read more here-

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